Модернизация и ремонт Kenwood TS-590S

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Увеличение мощности Kenwood TS-590S в режиме SSB[править]

The TS-590S suffers of a low talk power in SSB mode. The reason is that this RTX (like many others) transmits a peak power of about 200 watts for a period of 4msec when pressed the carrier, which in some cases, some models of linear amplifiers get in protection.

To avoid this problem the Kenwood had to change the parameters of the ALC compromising the talk power in SSB mode.

In case you do not use any linear amplifiers, this mod restores the 100 watt in SSB mode. To enter in the service menu, take the ACC2 socket given within the RTX (inside the original box). Solder the pins 8 and 9 as showed in the picture: Shorting Plug 590.jpg

Then plug in the ACC2 behind the radio and turn on the RTX holding down both buttons MIC and NR. Doing so you will get into the service menu. At this point, remove the socket ACC2 from the rear on the RTX. The two menus to be adjusted are the 23 and 24. To scroll through the menu use the knob MULTI/CH. To change the values of the selected menu, use the buttons M.IN or SCAN. To save your changes, select the menu 60 and press M.IN or SCAN. To eventually cancel the made changes, press the CLR.

To solve this problem of low talk power in SSB, set both values in menu 23 and 24 at around 180. Remember to save as described above (menu 60 and press M.IN or SCAN).

Эта модификация простая и обратима, однако я не несу никакой ответственности в случае каких либо повреждений.

Автор: IZ4JUK

Beefing up the TS-590 Main Tuning Knob[править]

Описание модернизации(англ.)

Автор: K0TNT

Build DVK with the internal Soundcard of the TS-590[править]

Build the internal soundcard to work as DVK (Digital voice Keyer) .... maybe the same work also with Yaesu FTDX-3000

This TechNote covers the processing of SSB audio (LSB/USB) in the TS-590S. It specifically does not include the other TS-590S-supported modes: AM, FM, FSK or CW. It also does not include information on the configuration of the PC operating system or application programs. Note: Throughout this document, the word “data” in lower case refers to analog audio that represents digital information.

Описание модернизации(англ.)

Модернизация передачи в TS-590S (Диапазон 5 МГц)[править]

The E version (Europe) has no TX on 5 MHz, but the K version (USA) has 5 MHz TX between 5.250 MHz and 5.450 MHz. According to the service manual (page 120) the difference between E and K version is a jumper (R968) which is installed in E version but missing in the K version.

There are 2 possible TX extensions on the E version, either full TX (1.705 – 30 MHz) or just open up 5 MHz (cut the R968 jumper and make it into a K version).

Описание модернизации(англ.)

Улучшение приёма в широковещательном диапазоне AM (0,5 - 1,7) МГц[править]

Для улучшения приёма в широковещательном AM диапазоне необходимо установить перемычку CN 102, как показано на рисунке:

TS-590S BC att.jpg

MARS/CAP modification for Kenwoord TS-590S[править]

The picture shows the CAP/MARS modification for the new Kenwood TS-590S. The modification was developed by Pieter Ibelings (N4IP). The modification is accomplished by removing one resistor, R900.

CAP MARS Mod small.jpg

В увеличенном виде:

CAP MARS Mod big.jpg